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"Everything you need to get you started in Silver Clay"

I specialise in helping train people wanting to set up their own silver keepsake (fingerprint) business.

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10% Discount on Silver Clay

To help with the price increase I offer my workshop attendees a 10% discount from silver clay on the day of the workshop and also on any silver clay bought after the workshop.

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Do you want to start a fingerprint jewellery business or have you always wanted to make your own silver jewellery but have not wanted to learn or have the expense of silver-smithing?
Art Clay is a wonderful product which can be moulded to your desired shape & fine detail added which when fired becomes pure silver (99.9%)
Art Clay Studios provides all the tools that you need to get started & courses to give you useful techniques & advice.


Workshops - Learn how to make fine silver jewellery from Silver Clay.

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Art Clay Silver

Silver clay


What is Silver Clay??        

My first answer would be that it is a fantastic Product!!  But more technically - Art Clay Silver comes in many consistencies and several forms and is sometimes also known as Precious Metal Clay. All but one type are aqueous solutions consisting of a combination of different sizes of micron-sized silver particles, non toxic binders, and water. When fired at the proper temperature, the organic binders and water dissipate, leaving a pure silver piece which can be hallmarked as “SV999” or “silver”. 


Silver clay as the name suggests has the form of clay so it can be rolled, pressed into moulds, textured and sculptured and when it is fired using a gas torch, gas hob or kiln is pure 99.9% silver.



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